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Kalima International School

Back to values, with global standards.

To transform lives by instilling 21st century skills and inspire lifelong learning in every student; to develop the unique potential in every child; to be a model of excellence in educating students for success here and hereafter.

Back to values, with global standards. We aspire to nurture an ideal learning center that inspires life-long commitment to the search for truth, knowledge and excellence, with faith, compassion and integrity to fulfill the roles and responsibilities given to us by the Creator, in every aspect of life. We aim to mould a vibrant human future by offering quality education in an ideal environment since early childhood determines the entire personality of an individual.

Every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world

Education is a purposive, conscious or unconscious, psychological, sociological, scientific and philosophical process, which brings about the development of the individual to the fullest extent and also the maximum development of the society in such a way that both enjoy maximum happiness and prosperity.

feature one


Multiple language fluency, Advanced language comprehensive skills, Shaping the handwriting.

feature two

Extra Activities

Fine arts, gardening, arts, sports, crafts, cooking, self sufficiency skill, creative mind.

feature three


Leadership, Time management, creativity, presentation and oratory skills.

feature four

Physical Education

Yoga, martial arts, exercise, minor and major games

The Campus


Kids friendly campus for study and play.More


Learning and Games together.More


Lot of international and national books to choose from.More


Recognition for the performers.More


Extra Curricular activities.More